Mag. rer. nat. Dr. rer. nat. Christina Lutz-Nicoladoni

list of publications

Modulation of Immune Cell Functions by the E3 Ligase Cbl-b

Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Wolf D, Sopper S

Front Oncol 11 Mar 2015; 5(58). eCollection 2015

The role of the e3 ligase cbl-B in murine dendritic cells

Wallner S, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Tripp CH, Gastl G, Baier G, Penninger JM, Stoitzner P, Wolf D

PLoS One 1 Jun 2013; 8(6).

PKCα and PKCβ cooperate functionally in CD3-induced de novo IL-2 mRNA transcription.

Christina LN, Nikolaus T, Katarzyna W, Thomas G, Michael L, Gottfried B.

Immunol Lett. 1 Mar 2013; 151(1-2)31-8.

Adoptive transfer of siRNA Cblb-silenced CD8+ T lymphocytes augments tumor vaccine efficacy in a B16 melanoma model.

Hinterleitner, R.#, Gruber, T. #, Pfeifhofer-Obermair, C.#, Lutz-Nicoladoni, C. #, Tzankov, A., Schuster, M., Penninger, J.M., Loibner, H., Lametschwandtner, G., Wolf, D. #, and Baier, G. # # These authors contributed equally to this work.

PLoS One 4 Sep 2012; 7(9).

Reinforcement of Cancer Immunotherapy by Adoptive Transfer of Cbl-b Deficient CTL combined with Dendritic Cell Vaccination

Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Wallner S, Stoizner P, Pircher M, Gruber T, Wolf AM, Gastl G, Penninger J, Baier G, Wolf D

Immunol & Cell Biol 1 Jan 2012; 90(1)130-4.

PKCtheta and Itk functionally interact during primary mouse CD3+ T cell activation.

Thuille N, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Letschka T, Hermann-Kleiter N, Heit I, Baier G.

Immunology Letters 22 Nov 2009; 126(1-2)54-9.

The potent protein kinase C-selective inhibitor AEB071 (sotrastaurin) represents a new class of immunosuppressive agents affecting early T-cell activation.

Evenou JP, Wagner J, Zenke G, Brinkmann V, Wagner K, Kovarik J, Welzenbach KA, Weitz-Schmidt G, Guntermann C, Towbin H, Cottens S, Kaminski S, Letschka T, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Gruber T, Hermann-Kleiter N, Thuille N, Baier G.

Journal of Pharmacological Experimental Therapy 1 Sep 2009; 330(3)792-801.

PKC theta cooperates with PKC alpha in alloimmune responses of T cells in vivo.

Gruber T, Hermann-Kleiter N, Pfeifhofer-Obermair C, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Thuille N, Letschka T, Barsig J, Baudler M, Li J, Metzler B, Nüsslein-Hildesheim B, Wagner J, Leitges M, Baier G.

Molecular Immunology 1 Jun 2009; 46(10)2071-9.

Silencing von Cbl-b, Oncotyrol: neues Konzept der Krebsimmuntherapie

Gruber, T., Lutz-Nicoladoni, C., Hanisch, C

JATROS Hämatologie und Onkologie 1 Jan 2009; 3()50-51.

PKC-theta selectively controls the adhesion-stimulating molecule Rap1.

Letschka T, Kollmann V, Pfeifhofer-Obermair C, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Obermair GJ, Fresser F, Leitges M, Hermann-Kleiter N, Kaminski S, Baier G.

Blood 1 Dec 2008; 112(12)4617-27.

The nuclear orphan receptor NR2F6 suppresses lymphocyte activation and T helper 17-dependent autoimmunity.

Hermann-Kleiter N, Gruber T, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Thuille N, Fresser F, Labi V, Schiefermeier N, Warnecke M, Huber L, Villunger A, Eichele G, Kaminski S, Baier G.

Immunity 15 Aug 2008; 29(2)205-16.