PD.Dr. Gerold Untergasser

list of publications

Detection of soluble EpCAM (sEpCAM) in malignant ascites predicts poor overall survival in patients treated with catumaxomab

Seeber A, Braicu I, Untergasser G, Nassir M, Fong D, Botta L, Gastl G, Fiegl H, Zeimet A, Sehouli J, Spizzo G.

Oncotarget 10 Jul 2015; (). Epub ahead of print

Soluble EpCAM levels in ascites correlate with positive cytology and neutralize catumaxomab activity in vitro.

Seeber A, Martowicz A, Spizzo G, Buratti T, Obrist P, Fong D, Gastl G, Untergasser G.

BMC Cancer. 7 May 2015; 15(1)372.

Establishment of a human multiple myeloma xenograft model in the chicken to study tumor growth, invasion and angiogenesis.

Agnieszka Martowicz, Johann Kern, Eberhard Gunsilius, Gerold Untergasser.

J Vis Exp. 1 May 2015; ().

Marine compounds inhibit growth of multiple myeloma in vitro and in vivo

Normann Steiner, Domenico Ribatti, Wolfgang Willenbacher, Karin Jöhrer, Johann Kern, Christian Marinaccio, Miguel Aracil, Luis F. García-Fernández, Guenther Gastl, Gerold Untergasser, and Eberhard Gunsilius

Oncotarget 10 Apr 2015; 6(10)8200-9.

EpCAM is overexpressed in local and metastatic prostate cancer, suppressed by chemotherapy and modulated by MET-associated miRNA-200c/205.

Massoner P, Thomm T, Mack B, Untergasser G, Martowicz A, Bobowski K, Klocker H, Gires O, Puhr M.

Br J Cancer. 26 Aug 2014; 111(5)955-64.