Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute (TCRI)

The Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute (TCRI), is a private initiative of the Society for Tyrolean Cancer Research, evolved from the Austrian Cancer Aid Society, Section Tyrol. The TCRI is unique in Austria both in its organization and strategy of funding clinically relevant projects. The institute was sponsored by the Tyrolean Hospital (TILAK), by donations from the Tyrolean population and industry, and by private Sponsors. The running costs will be covered by public donations and scientific fundraising (National and European Science Funds) by the working groups at the TCRI. The "mission statement" clearly defines "cancer research with direct clinical impact and relevance" as the main aim of the institute.

The uniqueness of this institute lies in its management and science, which are based on the "EBSO principle" (evaluation based system optimization) wherein all developed strategic concepts are valuated and, if necessary, changed, modified and optimized. The TCRI connects basic and applied science, with special emphasis on team work and collaboration between theoretical and applied sciences. All groups at the TCRI will be evaluated periodically regarding their scientific output and compatibility with the general aims of the institute. This "EBSO principle" will increase the scientific output and guarantee an everchanging roster of scientists that will ensure the research is competitive and focussed on benefiting patients.

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund - FWF (http://www.fwf.ac.at/), Ministry of Science an Technology - BMWF (http://www.bmwf.gv.at), the European Community - EU (http://www.cordis.lu/en/home.html), ONCOTYROL (http://www.oncotyrol.at), the Tyrolean Science Fund -TWF(http://www.tiroler-wissenschaftsfonds.at/) and donations from the "Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten Ges.m.b.H. (TILAK)", the "Tyrolean Cancer Society", various businesses, financial institutions and the People of Tyrol.